Lauren Makk’s DIY Tips

April 2nd 2018

How to Make a DIY Gemstone Lamp

1. Clear lamp base
2. Gemstones, great to get these in the same color family, like pink/lavender, or shades of blue or green
3. Glue gun with high heat glue sticks OR strong acrylic glue

Start by gluing some of the larger gemstones to the base of the lamp.
Use the smaller stones to fill in the gaps.
After attaching a few rows to the base, let the glue dry.
Continue to attach the gemstones along the lamp, starting with the larger ones and then going back to fill in the gaps with smaller ones.

How To Make a Tie Dye Pillow Case

cotton or cotton blend white pillow case
plastic drop cloth (to cover your work space)
spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol
sharpies in the colors of your choice
a piece of scrap cloth

Test colors on the piece of scrap cloth to make sure they bleed and color as desired (optional)
Using Sharpies, draw on one side of the pillow case on a flat surface. Make sure to color in each of the areas well
Leave some white space for the colors to bleed
Spray the “Sharpie’d” side of the pillow case with rubbing alcohol. Spray generously with rubbing alcohol to make sure the fabric is really wet
Let the pillowcase dry either flat or hang it with clothes pins. Keep the plastic underneath the pillowcase since the color will drip and stain
Once it is dry, iron with a hot iron to set the color; rinse pillowcase with cold water, let dry before using.

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