Self Defense with Former CIA Agent: Jason Hanson

October 10th 2017



1. Down Slap: If a person is approaching you, you put your hands up and tell them to get away. If they come and attack you, you quickly slap down on their nose. This is extremely painful and can even break their nose. Most people teach that you should do a palm to the nose and push their head backwards, but there is too much “give” meaning people can move their head back so the strike doesn’t have as much impact. When you slap down, the head doesn’t have as much range of motion so you are able to stun and stop your attacker better.

2. Dracula: The name is because the motion is like when Dracula pulls his cape over his face. The Dracula move allows you quickly elbow an attacker in the face plus, it protects your face so if the attacker is punching you he will punch your elbow and it will hurt him.

3. Throat Strike: No matter how tough or big you are, everyone is affected by a strike to the throat. However, you don’t want to throw a straight punch to the throat because that could break your hand. What you want to do is the “hammer fist” where you quickly strike the throat area with the bottom of your fist and this will stop anyone trying to harm you.

4. Eye Gouge: There’s a way to properly gouge the eyes of someone who is trying to attack you and drag you off in the woods. Most people think you just poke at the eye with a finger but this can injure your finger and you have a less likely chance to strike the eye. What you want to do is grab the person’s head with both of your hands and gouge their eye with your thumbs. When you grab the side of your head it’s easy and natural for the thumbs to find the eye sockets.

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