Summer Grilling with Brooke Orrison Lewis

May 15th 2017


“Bacon Weave Beef Kabobs”


2 Lb whole beef tenderloin filet (Walmart Angus Beef)

2 Large Yellow Bell Peppers

2 Large Orange Bell Peppers

2 Large Red Bell Peppers

1 Lb thin sliced bacon (*Hormel brand “center cut black label)

1 bottle The Shed BBQ “Beef Blaster” Marinade (Available at or your favorite marinade

8-10 Wooden Skewers



-Trim fat off beef tenderloin filet, cut beef filet into 1 inch cubes

-Marinate beef cubes in “Beef Blaster” marinade for  30 minutes

-Cut bell peppers into 1inch squares (discard seeds)

-In Order: Skewer bacon, beef, Bacon, pepper, beef, bacon and repeat. **Weaving bacon back and forth

-Prepare grill to 350 – 375 degrees (medium high heat)

-Oil grates to prevent sticking

-Grill kabobs to 145 degree center, flipping on each side for even cook and grill marks. Approx 1-2 minutes per side, time varies per grill heat. Always use`thermometer!

-Let rest 10 minutes and serve!



Springtime FRESH “Avocado and Tomato Salad”  *Perfect for Easter gatherings! 

-3 fresh avocados

-2 fresh large Heirloom tomatoes OR 5 medium Roma tomatoes

-1 bunch fresh sweet basil

-Lemon infused oil or Extra Virgin Olive Oil

-Aged balsamic (older aged the better!)

-Salt and Fresh ground black pepper



Peel & discard avocado seed, large dice avocado

Large dice tomato *Heirloom or Roma’s preferred for meatier, tastier tomato

Slice sweet basil leaves

-Lightly toss Avocado, Tomato, Basil, Oil, Balsamic, salt and fresh ground pepper to taste.

-Eat fresh!

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